Levil Aviation

Aviation App
Wireless glass cockpit
Now upload
your flight log
automatically to the cloud
and analyze it with

All-in-one Screen
Split screen and multi view functionality

One App for All

The new Levil Aviation App is a customizable digital instrument panel that works side-by-side with your favorite navigation app.

The Most Innovative Way to Modernize your Cockpit

The Levil aviation App provides a complete glass cockpit designed to increase pilot’s situational awareness

Swipe your way up to a
Multi-Function Display (MFD)

Use your navigation app of choice alongside with our app!

Customize it your way!

You can now navigate, display your EFIS, show your engine information systems (EIS) all in one screen.

Now you will be able to use the Levil Aviation App simultaneously while using navigation tools such as Foreflight, iFlyGPS, WingX Pro, and many more, side by side.

We have made an “app for all” so no matter what part of the world you fly in, or what your preferred navigation app is, the Levil Aviation App has you covered.

Let’s Have a Tour

Find out what’s new by navigating through each section

Let’s Have a Tour

Find out what’s new by navigating through each section

Our Current Partners!

Levil Aviation invites other avionics manufacturers to integrate their data into this modular platform.

With a universal platform specifically for avionics, pilots will be able to use their devices without cluttering the memory and having to re-learn multiple app interfaces whenever a new safety-enhancing gadget shows up in the market.

Best of all, the app is FREE

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