iLevil 3 SW

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This is a portable wireless integrated avionics module that is the perfect fit for any pilot. It combines the latest in GPS, AHRS, Data Recording and ADS-B in technology to bring pilots a progressive backup solution at any time. The iLevil 3 SW is compatible with multiples app on both iOS and Android devices. The internal WAAS enabled GPS and AHRS provide all the navigation information you need to turn your tablet into a real glass panel and drive Synthetic Vision Apps and other devices. The embedded dual band ADS-B receiver allows you to monitor weather radar, METARS, etc in addition to traffic information all at your fingertips AND without any subscription.

The iLevil3 SW adds the new Data Recording feature which allows you to insert a SD Card and record all of your flight data (position, airspeed, altitude, attitude, etc.) and display the information on various platforms. You have the option to preset your desired file recording format, depending on how you wish to use the data (.gpx, .fdr, or .csv). The SW model also has solar panels (to help extend the battery life), outstanding ADS-B reception, enhanced GPS sensitivity and compatibility with your favorite apps, making it our most popular product for General Aviation.


(Attitude and Heading Reference Systems)

  • No-drift technology the iLevil series are meticulously calibrated for optimal performance and even during aerobatics.
  • No-lag, No-tumble the AHRS data refreshed at 14 frames per second, the max rate of turn is 500 deg/sec and attitude is completely independent of GPS.

ADS-B Receiver (978 MHz/1090)

  • Free in-flight Weather and Traffic Air-to-air traffic from ADS-B out equipped aircraft. Ground to air rebroadcast of traffic (USA Only).
  • Power Efficient Design Maximizes reception while maintaining low power consumption, thus reducing operating temperatures and increasing battery life. No overheating concerns.
  • Outstanding Sensitivity No need for remote antennas! Captures weather and traffic information even where the competition simply won’t reach.

SD Card (Data Recording Capabilities)

The iLevil 3 SW features the ability to record data and save all of your flight information. This information can be saved in multiples formats such as .FDR, .GPX, .CSV. Using these three formats data can be used to recreate a flight on flight simulator programs or applications, to be view on google earth, or the data can be displayed on excel and used to create graphs.

What’s in the box?

  • Wireless iLevil SW device
  • USB to mini USB cable
  • ADS-B Antenna
  • Silicone stoppers
  • Protective bag
  • SD card

AHRS Utility App

The AHRS Utility is a free-of-subscription application designed as a visual aid when troubleshooting and adjusting your levil devices. The app is available to download for free in the app store for iOS devices.

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