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Adams Aviation Becomes our European Distributor

Levil Aviation Corp is proud to announce that Adams Aviation Supply Co. Ltd. is now stocking iLevil and BOMs (Broadcasting Outer Modules) and they are ready to ship out to you!

Adams Aviation Co. Ltd.

Adams Aviation has been supplying items in support of the aviation industry since 1968, offering an ever-increasing level of expertise, an expanding portfolio of products and a commitment to customer satisfaction unequaled in the aviation community.

Unlike many companies in this market, we strive to provide items through direct distributorships, offering the closest possible link between the manufacturer and the user, avoiding the commissions added by sub-distributors.

Our core business is the same day dispatch from the stock of aircraft components with full certification to trade customers including airlines, operators, maintenance companies, armed forces and aircraft manufacturers around the world.

Our links with manufacturers and other Stuckists also enables us to locate hard-to-find items for our customers.


iLevil Sport

iLevil Sport is a portable tool that combines the latest in AHRS and GPS technology.

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iLevil 3 SW

Data Recording feature which allows you to insert a SD Card and record all of your flight data.

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iLevil 3 AW

The AW provides with ADS-B weather and traffic information, GPS navigation, Pitot static connection, AHRS and Data Recording.

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Broadcasting Outer Module (BOM)

The BOM is the first and only aerodynamic pod that mounts under the wing of the aircraft and uses wind to power itself.

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UK, Ireland & Netherlands

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DAch; Germany, Austria & Switzerland

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